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Can anybody recommend an ERP that fully integrates with Solidworks?

Question asked by Peter Anthony on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by Olli Murto

Hi Guys,


The company I am currently working for is trying to drive efficiencies between our design office and other downstream areas of the business (design -> procurement -> stores/inventory -> manufacturing).

We are looking at potentially migrating to a fully fledged ERP system in order to achieve this - and I would like to hear from anybody who has had experience with Solidworks integration with ERPs.


Does anybody have any success stories they can share?


Ideally we are looking for an ERP that will act as a vault and read solidworks data attributes when files and assemblies are checked in. Something that can handle engineering changes and revisions, BOM updates etc.

A long time ago a previous employer of mine utilized SAP in their business to do this - I cant remember what version of SAP it was!? Can anybody shed some light on this topic??