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Trick to troubleshoot surface offset errors

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Feb 7, 2018

I just read this helpful tip from Heiko Soehnholz @ Wanddicke auftragen an Oberflächenmodell (DS SolidWorks/SolidWorks) - Foren auf

If you have issues to offset or thicken a surface then this trick can help you to locate & troubleshoot the problem. I just thought it would be worth sharing in this forum.


And now my trick with the "Sketch trim":
- You create a sketch, i.e. a circle (but polygon or rectangle will also work)
- You trim the entire surface with this sketch
- please hide the sketch again, Instant 3D should be active
- Apply the wall thickness in the desired thickness
- Now move this sketch, or change its size later
- You can now see beautifully what the result looks like or where it just fails


I think that's a good idea,


Kudos to Heiko