Circuitworks within Solidworks

Discussion created by 1-2HODSB on Feb 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by Alan Kirkpatrick

Here is my scenario:

We are currently utilizing Solidworks 2008 Service Pack 4 in house, and are slow to upgrade do to testing requirements, validation of the next release, and upgrading our server side information to match with the current 10 to 15 users that have to be updated.

What I need to know is, if we upgraded two of our licenses to the Premium Edition of Solidworks, which would then include Circuitworks what impact would this have on our Solidworks Office Professional users?

Let us say that User A imports a PCB layout into his design, makes a few changes, saves the design, and loads it into PDM Works. User E needs to look at this design, and opens it using Office Professional. He opens the design, and it is locked into read only mode, even after he checks it out. Am I correct in assuming this? Or does the Circuitworks part handle that information differently? Does it exclude that bit of information when saved or does it lock the Circuitworks imported information into the Design?

I am trying to figure out, if we do move forward, what the overall impact will be to our sustaining or those who need to open the design at a later date. And by those people, I mean those who are using Office Professional and not Premium.

Thanks in advance for any information.