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PDM task to update drawing

Question asked by Lasse Nielsen on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Lasse Nielsen

Hello Forum,


Hopeully I will be able to explain the situation properly.


Our current set up matches something like this How to Link Variables in SOLIDWORKS PDM to a Newly Created Drawing


Meaning that our drawings title block and data cards inherits it data from the model represented on the drawing. This includes the uniqe drawing number and the drscription.


In the PDM vault the uniqe number column and description column thus hold identical values for a part and its associated drawing which is great.


Now lets say you find a typo in the parts description. You fix the type and now you need to update the value on the drawing as well. What i'm looking for is an automated task that will check out the drawing, update it, save it and check it back in so that the title block and the data card gets updated with new description or anything similar.


Any suggestions?