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Sheet metal error

Question asked by Andros Solano on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Andros Solano

Good Morning,


I am trying to convert an imported object into sheet metal since I can not model solidworks (I am a new user) and I already have the exact measurements in this object. The problem comes when I'm selecting the edges and I turn it into metal sheet. I have the program in Spanish but I get an error message that says something like "can not create the radio fold, change the radius or the option to reverse the direction of the thickness." The problem is that it does not matter if you change those values or that you invert the thickness. I keep having the same error.


On the other hand I have discovered that if I select the edges, the polygons are dyed a yellow color. Which means that yes I can turn it into metal sheet. However, when I come to an edge that I select and make all others remove the yellow color, it is when I get the error. (See attached pics)