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Windows 10 update broke 2015 export flatpattern

Question asked by Ned Hutchinson on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Ned Hutchinson

Solidworks 2015 SP5

So today i went to make some flat-patterns to find this

2018-02-07 10_54_48-.png

2018-02-07 10_56_26-SOLIDWORKS 2015 x64 Edition - [D70 front wing folded 5mm].png

click tick to make nothing

cannot make a dxf/dwg of a flat-pattern

talking to VAR and they think it is a windows update that is not compatible with 2015

i thought it might be because have 2015 and 2018 installed.

flat-pattern export works in 2018


this is the update i believe but cant uninstall it



Can someone with 2015 and 2018 see if they can export a folded flat pattern to dxf?