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Thread matching on hole and external surface

Question asked by Suraj Pawar on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Tateos Tvapanyan

I am creating M16*1.5 thread on a small cylinder. For this I first created cylinder of diameter 16 mm and then used Thread feature. I found that I can even select thread of different size like M12*2 or M18*1.5 and Solidworks did not gave any error. As I tried different metric threads only pitch was getting changed. Did I do anything wrong? Is there any way I can check if the external thread created has same dimension as the standard M16*1.5 thread? I used Cut Thread option.


I have a hole with M16*1.5 Tapped hole feature. Is the major diameter of thread 16 mm in this case?? How can I check if there will be matching between the external thread and standard hole (M16*1.5)?


Thank you.