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Sheet metal custom properties pulled from Bend Table

Question asked by Kyle Rupprecht on Feb 6, 2018

Hello All,


I am a design contractor that has been working for this customer for the past several months. After some time, I have finally talked the Engineering Manager into allowing the people to start using the weldment feature. Currently the designers and engineers are creating each individual item (tube, angle, sheet metal, etc...) and then assembling them into there "weldment". The customer runs raw material numbers as well as a raw material description driven from the customer properties tab. This was easy (but time consuming) to add these properties to the weldment structural profiles which linked up perfectly to the Cut list.


Issue at hand is just simply adding this raw material number and raw material description to there Gauge Table. I was hoping that this would be as simple as the weldment structural profiles but It is way over my head on how the Gauge Table Excel sheet links to the properties. I can manually add the properties to the cut-list-Item### properties but I am hoping to find a way to remove human error from this. Long of the short... Is there a way to link an added column from the gauge table to the properties inside SW to show the customers raw material number and description with out having to manually enter it?


We are using SW-2017


Customer specified that Macros are not allowed.