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Using VPN to get on to my work network but still cant s0ign out a solidwork license? Talked to IT then did not know and said I should just drive in and sign out the License.

Question asked by Ben Wolf on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Ryan Dark

I am not an IT guy so please talk slow and explain it to a dumb guy if you have help. This is what I know, I am at home to day and needed to use solid works so I connected to my work net work with VPN and tried to open solidworks It could not find the License manager. So I called my IT department and they verified that my IP address was on the net work. When I asked why I could not get a license of solidworks they said they have tried this before and could do it, and told me to drive in to borrow out a license. This doesn't seem right to me. I have herd of other people doing the exact same thing I am trying to do. So if it needs to be set up in a certian way I need to know so I can help my IT guys fix this issue.