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Sync network folder with vault

Question asked by Thomas Hotchkin on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Martin Van Stigt Thans

Hi all,


Over the past few years we've migrated our CAD/engineering data to Solidworks and in particular PDM. We're at a point now where we are fairly well organised with our data and are confident that data is staying correct, unmodified and properly backed up. Our Vault is setup to allow for data from other departments as well such as marketing material, product manuals, photos etc, and we'd like to start migrating and controlling this data too.


The issue is we need to give the salesmen access to this data from iPads, as well as many other people in the business who need basic read only access.


What I'd like to do is sync certain files and folders from the vault to a network location that can then be accessed by anyone. This data only needs to be one way, ie changes in the vault need to be reflected in the network drive, but changes in the network drive should be ignored.


Is this possible from PDM Professional?


Thanks a lot,