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How can I dimension a hole that must be drilled in an angle?

Question asked by Gabriel Guzman on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Gabriel Guzman

Hi, my name is Gabriel, I want to thank anyone who can help me in advance. My issue is that I have a part that has a hole that needs to be drilled and Im wondering how to dimension this feature when I make the drawing. I have two pictures that Im attaching that will show the part with a pin gauge simulating the feature. My question is how would this feature be correctly dimensioned? I want to control this feature in relation to the center ID (but of course Im open for suggestions), I named the center ID ID1 in the pictures and the feature were discussing ID2 to facilitate understanding my question. Should I give an angle from ID1 to the center of ID2, and then an angle from the surface of the part to the center of ID2? Then how can I dimension the center? How can I best control it? Please let me know of any insight anyone could offer me, thank you very much.