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Overlapping conical with tabs on edge

Question asked by Brian Schwartz on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Elmar Klammer

Good morning, I'm trying to create a sheetmetal part of conical with tabs on the radius and and a interlocking tab in Solidworks 2014 with a flattpatern. I have tried several approaches and have searched for an answer already on the forums.

I have already scanned these topics:

How do I create a tab on a curved edge?

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How to make a piece that is rolled and conical in sheet metal and flatten?

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Drawing a cone with a tab and flatten

The last one was the closest but i was unable to open the file in 2014


Here is an example of the part im trying to model up





So this is what i have tried:

I tried to do a sweep flange, and make cut-outs for the tabs, but they don't display in the flat view. I also was not able to unfold it to add the cuts in the unfolded position.





I also tried with a formed loft bend with added segments to act as a straight edge, thinking SW would let me add an edge flange.  However that was not the case. I also tried unfolding it and adding a tab on the straight edge area, but it would not fold up.



Thanks in advance for any help.