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"Hole Series" Cuts Bolts?

Question asked by Sergey Feingold on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Igor Fomenko

Hello all, I'm having an issue that I can't recall having previously. I have a subplate with several subassemblies bolted to it, the positions of which are driven by reference geometry. These subassemblies include fasteners. Now I need to put the correct holes in the subplate to match these fasteners and to do so I'm using the hole series feature in an attempt to save time. 


The problem is that when I complete a series it doesn't just cut the hole in the subplate, it cuts everything on the way there including the fasteners, leaving me with floating bolt-heads. There is no option to exclude components (seriously?) and I can't seem to access the hole series feature in the subplate subassembly to try and minimize the scope.


Are there any workarounds to this or is this just a built in "feature" and I'll need to do it manually?


Any help is appreciated!