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How to know my Contact force values which produced a particular displacement are not exaggerated.

Question asked by Mohamed Imthiyas on Feb 4, 2018

Hi I have a problem where I am running a failure analysis. An explosion happened and A shaft part(SUS430) has broken and hit vertically on a manifold block (A5052) placed above it creating a circular indendation and extruding the manifold to look like a mountain creating a 60mm displacement at its peak(Similar to bullet hitting a metal plate). Nobody knows the cause  but we wished to find out the force at which the shaft part has hit it to create this yield on the manifold block  . I ran a simulation using Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis assuming both were in contact for nearly 0.001sec and found the contact force between them are 5e+6 N. Ofcouse my simulation also showed something nearer to the mountaneous extrusion. The max stress value near at the point of contact were closer to 1.4e10N/m2.Are these values exaggerating ? . Im also thinking about whether my assumption is not proper. I dont need exact value here but I require a feasible value. I know people here are of more experience than me and they can help. I also attach a poor picture of explanation