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Can SW calculate rotational motion inertia ?

Question asked by Krish 05 on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by Roland Schwarz



I'm trying to understand if SolidWorks is able to calculate the rotational motion inertia.


I don't need linear inertia calculations, but instead to calculate rotational motion inertia for an object rotating on itself over an axis.




Have simple cylinder rotating on itself over vertical axis, and be able to Calculate or Plot out the rotational inertia for the Part.


In my case it would be an Assembly, so i'd like to know if SW can calculate the rotational motion inertia over all Parts inside Assembly,

and provide general calculations for the whole Assembly.


Is this feasible ? Can SolidWorks do it, and how ?


So far, i've been looking over the following Help articles but cannot find exactly what i need:


2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Plotting the Momentum of a Part


2018 SOLIDWORKS Help - Mass Moments of Inertia


Waiting for feedback,

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