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How to apply formatting options to an entire list at once?

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

Hello SW Forums,


I'm trying to set up an updated standardized drawing format for my company. We place a whole bunch of specifications on the first page, using numbered/indented lists. I'm using an 11*17 piece of paper here. I'm copying/pasting the spec list in from a completed drawing, which was done on a massive sheet size and utilized 12pt font. The spec list is quite long and therefore 12pt font takes up entirely too much space on the 11*17. It's simple enough to decrease the font size, but that makes the indent spacing huge, practically an inch (on the actual printed paper) between the number and the text. I know I can RMB -> paragraph properties, and change up the spacing, which is great, but this only seems to work on a line by line basis. Is there any way to apply the settings to the entire numbered list?


For visual reference, here's what it currently looks like with a sufficiently small font size:

  1.          text
    1.                text
    2.                text


I would like it to look normal:

  1. text
    1. text


Any help is appreciated.