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Lots of icons not showing up until I click their 'find' button in a tutorial

Question asked by Ross Lloyd on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja



I am a recent convert from OnShape to Solidworks. I am working through the tutorials and keep finding that certain icons do not appear on my toolbars until I have clicked the "find" button in the tutorial. So for example today I am doing the surfaces / nozzle tutorial, and the 'lofted surfaces' icon was not on my features toolbar. Once I clicked the button to make it flash in the tutorial, it was added to the surfaces toolbar.


This has happened with most of the tutorials I have done so far (for different icons, obviously), and I would like to make sure that when I start using SW in earnest on my own projects that I am not missing an icon that I need, especially as a beginner when you are in the "I wonder what that does" phase of learning. Can't play around with a feature you don't know is there!


Is this intended behaviour, and can I get all appropriate regular use icons to appear without having to hunt through toolbar customisation dialogues?


Thanks in advance


EDIT: See attached picture, showing the absence of the data migration tab (SW1.jpg), which was then added (SW2.jpg)after clicking the 'find' button in the tutorial for moving surfaces.