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What is the successful method to account for these items?

Question asked by Matthew G. Phaneuf on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Jason Martin

Hello Forum;

years ago this came up, I just can't find it. What is the best way to account for items like double sided tape, foam, weatherstripping; items that are bought in bulk manner but then used as needed, when using ePDM / PDM Professional? **Keep in mind, it isn't a "Blank Part" inserted, there is geometry to these parts**





Message was edited by: Matthew G. Phaneuf - can't be an "empty" part, there is geometry.

**Added: years ago, the topic was related to "bulk materials", i.e. after the material came in as "roll stock" "bar stock" or "by weight stock" , the amount was portioned or sectioned out,  then it was given a part number.