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McAfee causing trouble

Question asked by Matt Conlin on Feb 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2009 by Jonathan Hunter
Last week sometime the IT guys upgraded our McAfee virus software to include the epolicy orchestrator agent. This is not installed on the individual machine, but on the network.

We are guessing that this program is what is slowing everything down, but we really have no proof. It doesn't use very much if any memory, and no processor power, but you can easily tell that every program is very slow. SolidWorks is just about useless, and freezes at random. Outlook, Microsoft Word, AutoCAD, and every other program are ridiculously slow. The slowness started at the same time that McAfee was upgraded so that is what makes me think that it is the cause.

The IT department here is not cooperating. At first they told me that nobody else had mentioned any problems or slowness with any of their machines. I told him that everyone in Engineering had noticed it. So I ask what he recommends doing to fix the problem. He then says that when other people complained about slowness he just had them reboot their machine, log on to the network, and then wait for 15 minutes before they do anything (which doesn't fix it).

WTF? First he says nobody is having problems, and in the very next sentence everyone is having the same problem?

So I turn to you here. I really hope that none of you are having these problems, but if you are, how are you fixing it?