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Pipe weight in BOM

Question asked by Tony Malejko on Feb 1, 2018

How do you get individual part weight to show up in a BOM for Pipe routing? I currently can only add a pipe "weight per foot" column. First I created an equation of "weight per foot" x "length" and it works, but it thinks its a measurement so it reads 215.12". If I could remove the " or change it to say lbs somehow that would be great. That still leaves me needing weights of the fittings. I added "weight" property with "mass" value in the assembly, the sub assembly, and down to a part, then added that column but it's very inaccurate. A 14" Weld neck flange says it's only 14lbs, and an assembly of probably 500ft worth of pipe is only about 1,000lbs. What am I missing here? Weight per spool would be lovely as well. So would a real library of pipe routing parts but thats a rant for another day