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Exploded View Issues

Question asked by Adam Survis on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by Robert Long

When I make an exploded view and I have to modify positions later sometimes the parts will "bounce back" to their original position after modifying other stuff. If I edit an exploded step to add/remove features, other exploded steps move back to a previous position. If I modify the exploded line sketch I will have the same problem. It doesn't happen every time, or with every modified move. It seems to happen more often on larger assemblies than smaller assemblies. If I don't modify the position beyond what it was originally set at when first making the move it is not affected. It only seems to be affected on secondary moves. I've tried to change the position both when editing feature and in just the feature tree with the same result. I've also tried saving after a move and it will bounce back after doing other modifications later. I've even had it where a co-worker would open it on another workstation and it would be in the "bounced back" position. Running Solidworks 2017 SP 5.0. I didn't have these problems before upgrading to SP 5.0. Any suggestions? I really don't want to have to uninstall to roll back service packs.