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    Exploded View Issues

    Adam Survis

      When I make an exploded view and I have to modify positions later sometimes the parts will "bounce back" to their original position after modifying other stuff. If I edit an exploded step to add/remove features, other exploded steps move back to a previous position. If I modify the exploded line sketch I will have the same problem. It doesn't happen every time, or with every modified move. It seems to happen more often on larger assemblies than smaller assemblies. If I don't modify the position beyond what it was originally set at when first making the move it is not affected. It only seems to be affected on secondary moves. I've tried to change the position both when editing feature and in just the feature tree with the same result. I've also tried saving after a move and it will bounce back after doing other modifications later. I've even had it where a co-worker would open it on another workstation and it would be in the "bounced back" position. Running Solidworks 2017 SP 5.0. I didn't have these problems before upgrading to SP 5.0. Any suggestions? I really don't want to have to uninstall to roll back service packs.

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          Kurt Gaetano

          Yes I have the same problem and it's a real PITA. I am currently running Solidworks 2018 SP 1.0. This feature used to work fairly well in previous versions, now it is almost unusable. I wish someone had answer for this. I have hundreds of models and drawings with exploded views. They are really frustrating to work with now.

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            Tyler Nichol

            This has been the bane of my existence all last week and into this one. Assembly drawings should be taking me an hour or two, but this exploded view bug is sucking entire days away from my productivity!

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                Rod Peterson

                I've been wrestling a single assembly drawing with this bug for days now.  I should have been on to other tasks long ago.


                It seems typical (since the original SWx team left to start OnShape) that DS/SWx is increasingly ignoring critical core functionality and stability in the program and focusing on useless window dressing.


                I've been using SWx for almost 15 years, and have gone from being in love with it when I first used it to now hating it and looking forward to an industry shift away from it.  I watched SWx bury Pro/E in the market, and it'll be interesting to see who comes along to do the same to SWx now that they've become the fat, lazy giant.

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                    Tom Gagnon

                    Rod Peterson wrote:

                    I've been using SWx for almost 15 years..

                    "MEMBER SINCE Oct 16, 2018"

                    Welcome to the forums!


                    They have been listening and reacting. See some of these threads for those involved and what has gone on.

                    ONE and TWO

                    Trip Report to SW Headquarters Representing ONE and TWO - 11/15/17

                    Follow-up to Top Ten and ONE and TWO from SWW2018

                    I'm sure that I've missed some posts to share here, but this should convey the point.

                    Together we can make it better.

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                        Rod Peterson

                        Thanks, Tom Gagnon - I do appreciate your reply.


                        I've actually been on the forums off and on over the years with logins from various companies, as well as my own consulting business.  I stopped buying SWx for my own business after learning about DS/SWx's new policy of "you WILL pay for all annual releases, even if you skip a year."  I don't reward customer-hostile behavior like that with my money.


                        I'll believe that the company (all the way to the top of DS) is walking the "we actually care" walk once they give up on the futile new-release-every-year business model.  I'm convinced that this is why SWx has become such a rickety mess over the past 6-8 years.  If they released a new version when it was actually stable and working, rather than every single year like clockwork, that would prove to us that they really do care about stability and bugs over everything else.


                        The folks that Rick and Dennis met with on their trip, I'm sure, are hardworking and professional engineers, managers, and officers at SWx who are doing the best they can with what they have to give us a good product in exchange for the mountains of cash we give them.  Unfortunately, they all must ultimately answer to a large corporation which doesn't seem to give a fig about "ONE and TWO," unless those words are followed by "BILLION EUROS."


                        I will eat my cynical words with glee if I see this downward spiral of bugginess reverse and return us to the glory days of snappy, reliable SolidWorks releases.  I'm just too tired of this increasingly nasty slog to believe it can happen before a competitor comes to yank the crown off their heads.

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                    Gregory Pestsov

                    I'm also often in the Loop lately: open a file - edit a Dimension of exploded view- save-Close the file.

                    Sometimes it makes sense to make the exploding once again from scratch.

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                      Randy Goolsby

                      I've wasted three days and counting on this ridiculous bug. Three days and nothing productive to show for it.

                      It sometimes happens when I click "explode line sketch", sometimes when I click "save", most times I don't know what I could have done to cause it. I can't for the life of me find any correlation with what I'm doing.

                      Would sure appreciate a reply from Dassault.

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                        Ben Langdon

                        so i had the same problem i couple days ago. you got to make sure to hit apply then done, or at least done and not just apply.


                        also my quickfix for this was just to save the document after each step and actually exit the document. it was supper annoying but i had to get it done. i would also like to know what the problem is here.

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                          Alexey Groutso

                          So far the only way I found to avoid it collapsing to a random position was to not use exploded lines.


                          This issue is most likely related to new "Smart" Exploded Lines that SW has introduced in 2018. Standard procedure, introduce a new feature while breaking a few in the process

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                            William Mooneyham

                            Has anyone ever seen an answer to the exploded view problems with SolidWorks 2017 SP 5?


                            Currently, exploded views are totally unusable. If I try to edit a step, items move without reason and they will not move back. I have to shut down the file and start over. I also have trouble using the exploded views with sub-assemblies.I will use the "Reuse Subassembly Explode" to explode these parts and them at some point, these usually close and won't open again. I have to delete the step and redo it.


                            Some word from Dassault would be nice on this problem.

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                              Dan Pihlaja

                              I have a user having the exact same issue.


                              I am going to send my VAR an email with this thread link to see what they say.

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                                Dan Pihlaja

                                So.....I was wondering.....


                                This has been an issue since February for some of you.....


                                Why didn't you contact your VAR?   If you had, this issue might have already been fixed......


                                If you DID contact your VAR.....what response did you get?

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                                  Adam Survis

                                  So far I haven't had this issue for a while. I've been careful to create the exploded view and not add the exploded line sketch until I am done exploding and moving parts. That seems to be working well. I haven't tried to edit an exploded view since then for fear of it all falling apart.

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                                      Dan Pihlaja

                                      In our case, the user is having the issue without ever adding an explode line sketch at all.   His issue is just in editing the movement of the exploded components.  Sometimes, it changes the offsets for other explode steps farther up the tree for some reason.

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                                      M. B.

                                      I gave up on complex exploded views long ago.  Instead, I use design tables to create pseudo exploded view configurations and 3D sketches for routing lines.  Its sometimes a little extra work to create the distance or angle mates but I never have failures forcing a complete redo.  When a new exploded view is needed, just copy a previously defined table row to a new row, change $STATE to S or R or U as needed, change dimension offset values as needed, then exit the design table.

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                                        Matthew Humphreys

                                        It seems like a lot of people are coming up with workarounds for what should be basic functionality.  SolidWorks really needs to put some effort into this for what we pay for the software and subscriptions.