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Installation silently failing?

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Feb 1, 2018

I recently used the admin image tool to do installations on four machines of 2018 SP01. My installation failed but did not report that it failed. It looks like what happened is I installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 community edition a couple weeks before installing SW2018. Visual Studio installed C++ 2017. When I installed SW2018 it tried to install C++ 2015. That was blocked because C++2017 was already installed. It was believed by my VAR that this was causing crashing. When I installed SW2018 there were no warnings, errors or anything that indicated that there was an issue with installation. The reinstall did not completely resolve my issues.


My questions...

  1. Have you all had issues with silent (or non silent) installation failures?
  2. Have you had your VAR help you uninstall, reinstall, wipe registry settings, etc in order to resolve a suspected bad install? If so what was the result of all that work?
  3. Is there a detailed installation log file that is saved somewhere when installation happens?
  4. Is there any test to verify a solid installation has taken place?