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Idea!Weldment enhancement.Items shortcuts for subweldment

Question asked by Igor Fomenko on Feb 1, 2018

Here I suggest to create subweldments from shortcuts of cut-list items, not from cut-list items itself

In this case you`ll have cut-list and subweldment-list with shortcuts to cut-list items

In this case:

1. you don`t loose automatic update of cut-list

2. you don`t need to find bodies which are not saved yet as separate parts among a lot of cut-list folders

3. you don`t need to rename folders

Weldment without subweldmentsWeldment with subweldments
Weldment without subweldments.GIFWeldment with subweldments.GIF

New subweldment idea.GIF

Here I add ability to link body name to cut-list property as it`s already done for cut-list folders.

I hope that everybody who makes complex weldments understand me.

This idea simlpifies work with big weldments which contains symmetry and patterns a lot.