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Photoview renders "old" version of assembly

Question asked by Dan Craychee on Feb 1, 2018

I'm trying to create a cutaway render of a new product and have a strange problem occurring. I originally created a quarter cutaway with an extruded cut in the assembly that cut through all but 1 part. Later I changed it to be a half cutaway and had it cut through fewer parts. Everything looks just right until I fire up the Photoview preview window or final render. Once I do that the quarter cut reappears on a few of the parts in the assembly. There's also a feature with the company name engraved that jumps back to an old position. The assembly stays this way until I save and force a rebuild with Ctrl+Q, then it goes back to how it should be.


I should also mention that in the "preload" version of the assembly you see while SW is loading everything in that quarter cut does appear, but then gets fixed once everything is fully loaded. Is there some way to purge that old saved state?