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How to create Closed corners for sheet-metal parts with bends at junction from two mating walls/sheets

Question asked by Nikhil Phatak on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Nikhil Phatak

Dear Team,


We are trying to close the corner gaps for a sheet metal Water tank as attached,

We have tried our methods (Which you can see in the model) but feature tree seems to be overwhelming for operations which doesn't really matter for design purpose.

Can anybody please suggest best way to do it.

*Our intent is to produce flat pattern as accurate as possible

*Water tank to bent & made with minimum headache on a shop floor using that flat pattern

*At least that water tank should appear to be water tight when shown in the model (We can use welded corners but it doesn't help with accurate flat pattern).


Other part of  the problem is that why jog feature behaves different when "Fixed projected length option is on/off)

What we mean is its understood that length is adjusted to account for a bend but why bend itself behave different when "Fix projected length option is on/off"

Part is attached for reference


Sincere thanks in advance


Nikhil Phatak