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Solidworks Student 2017-2018 Won't Startup

Question asked by Jennifer Torloni on Feb 1, 2018

Hello everyone I am having issues... I purchased a 1 year Solidworks student license in October 2017 for school and everything was working perfectly fine. I didn't use it over winter break at all and now am needing to use the program again, and of course, it's giving me issues. I have the program installed correctly and nothing has changed on my computer since I last used Solidworks. I opened the installation manager and updated, then I repaired Solidworks. Basically, when I double click the icon on the desktop, the program does not start up. When I try opening the program through the start menu, it does not start up. I look at my running programs after trying to start up Solidworks and it is not running. I do not know what else to do besides uninstall and reinstall but I do not  know if this will mess anything up with the license? If I uninstall and reinstall and it still doesn't work, what else would the problem be? I downloaded through online download, not through a disc or anything.


Any advice? Help? I need it for school thanks!