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Im working with custom sized HVAC components in routing and my C point parameters are being constantly overridden as I add to my design tables, any ideas on how to get C point parameters to save properly?

Question asked by Fred Niederer on Feb 1, 2018

I have several different branches of a HVAC system modeled as separate assemblies. These individual models will be completely fine when I save them and move on. However, Ive found that as I move on to other branches and add configurations of HVAC parts to my design tables the C point parameters of similar parts will be changed. This causes error messages such as "No valid configuration could be found for pipe" and "No valid configuration could be found for elbow". It causes solidworks to crash and makes my models unusuable too.


     I can resolve the error by simply setting the C points to the proper duct dimensions in the parameters seting again granted that I can determine which connection has been affected. This seems like a temporary fix as the C points invariably are corrupted or saved over.


I have taken the time to check every single fitting in multiple assemblies and reconfigure all the c points to the correct settings but the models invariably end up back at the error messages related to the c points as I continue working.


Is there any way to permanently save the c point parameter configuration for individual instances of components designed from the original design library HVAC components?