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Automatic mate top planes

Question asked by A. D. on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by A. D.

Hello all,


A great amount of my working activities with SW is about making floorplans etc. I do this in 3D with some pre-defined 'building blocks'/components i re-use most of the time.


Now, i've got the logic to make all top planes at floor-height (and my floor height is equal with top plane of main-assembly), so when i insert (for example) a chair in my main assembly, this chair can be attached to my floor just by mating the top planes (of the chair and the main assembly) together.


Now, what i'd like to be abled is to have a macro which enables me to do something like the following:


(Within my main assembly: )

1. Click macro button (TopMate or something)

2. Select part

3. Macro attaches/mates the top planes of the main assembly (activefile) and the selected component (whether a part or sub-assembly).

4. Done.


I've tried recording this, but couldn't figure it out.


It doesn't seam like a really hard task for a VBA macro, can anyone of you help me writing this?


Thanks in advance!