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    Solidworks Custom Property Manager

    Teyfik Eren Erez

      Hello there,

      In Solidworks, you can print all custom properties of your part, assembly, and drawing files in an excel file. You can add new custom properties to this excel file, update exist custom property or delete custom properties. You can import these information from Excel to Solidworks part, assembly and drawing files. If you want more information, you will watch Youtube video.


      Youtube: SolidWorks Custom Property Manager 1 of 5: How to work ? - YouTube




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          Deepak Gupta

          Good work Teyfik, thanks for sharing your small yet awesome tools!!

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            Christian Chu

            Thanks for sharing ! Will watch your video tonight !

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              Matt Peneguy


              The Readme file says it needs to be unlocked to process more than 5 rows in the excel file.  That's fine, you should be paid for your work.  But, if you are asking for payment to unlock the capabilities, you should also list a price and have a means of paying you.  I haven't watched all of the videos, yet.  But, if it works like I'm thinking it does, it may be something I, and I'm sure many others, would be willing to pay for.


              And, I went ahead and ran it through virustotal (I've had this discussion before. I ran it through virustotal, not because I was worried, but just to be sure.  I do it with just about everything.)  And, virustotal gives it a clean bill of health (in case others are as paranoid as I am):

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                John Stoltzfus

                Teyfik Eren Erez


                The attached macro written by Markku Lehtola is Free - why would we pay for the same thing

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                    Teyfik Eren Erez

                    Hi John Stoltzfus,

                    It is good question. I haven't used this excel which you shared before. It seems very nice. I guess you have to know all property name for this excel method. Normally in my country, VAR companies  give similar solution. But it is not enough to solve my problem.


                    Why I wrote Custom Propery Manager ? Compare with you excel or other solution.

                    -You don't have to use any template using Custom Property Manager. Program finds all of property in solidworks document and export excel. Why is this important? Sometimes we don't know part or assembly property name. Some people write 'author'. Then some people write 'drawn' instead of 'author'. If you don't old data property name. You can't get data easily. We generally focus old data which have irregular property. If you have regular data, you don't pay it. Use excel properties macro

                    -We can control part, assembly and drawing. Your excel just only works part and assembly. It is easy to rewrite

                    -We can select folder at the same time select assembly. Sometimes you need to select assembly. Maybe you have private project and want to add new property for this assembly. So you have to use this program. If you don't need, you can use excel properties macro

                    -We can add, update and delete properties. I don't know how to works excel properties macro

                    - We can add easily linked properties(material, mass.. etc). I don't know how to works excel properties macro

                    -We can check data type(text, date, number, yes or no) and change data format. I don't know how to works excel properties macro


                    To be honest, I liked excel property macro. But I write this program how to manage irregular property. When I worked my last company, we didn't get data from Solidworks easily. And we had a lot of problem. Then I realised we weren't alone. In my country, companies have the same problem. I thought how we could manage old irregular data.  So wrote this program. Actually, I wrote this app for myself   I generally write program to  facilitate work. At the same time I will try to sell   I hope that anwer is enough to explain why you would pay it


                    Thanks Eren.