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    Instances to Skip malfunction

    Tan Zhi Xuan

      Hi all, I have used the curve pattern function,

      normally when we use the instances to skip function,

      it will show red dots for adds or removes,

      my problem now is when i want to use instances to skip,

      the red dots do not showing out, is that any solution for solve it?

      Screenshot (3).png


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          Glenn Schroeder

          In your screenshot it doesn't look like you have "Instances to Skip" selected.  Does nothing happen when you click on it in the Feature Manager?

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            Sindre Sorhus


            This seems to be a case that falls in under SPR#427097 - Ability to skip instances when patterning bodies in a curve driven pattern.

            The case is curerntly open, so you can add a vote to get it moved up in the development queue and get it implemented in a future release.


            But for now, with curve pattern feature, in order to get instances to skip you must select a feature instead of a body. But that may not work for you since I see a direct editing feature in your selection. If it was defined by a boss extrude for example it would work. So in this case it may be easiest to delete the unwanted bodies after..


            Best regards,