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    Blank file importing IGES from Maxsurf

    R. W.



      I'm trying to import this IGS file from Maxsurf modeller into SolidWorks, but all I get is an empty object tree and no mesh. I can import similar files without a problem, so is this maybe due to an error in the file (I've tried exporting it multiple times, with exactly the same settings as a working file). In the RPT file it is detecting the surfaces, but not converting them? There are no error messages, so I'm confused as to what to try next.


      Thanks in advance

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          Christian Chu

          I can tell from the files size - nothing in there

          and here is what includes in the file -  No data points



          Sending System Product I.D.  : Maxsurf

          Receiving System Product I.D.:

          File Name                    : Boat.igs

          Sending System               : Win

          Preprocessor Version         : Version 6.0

          File Creation Date           : 180131.182401

          Model Creation Date          :

          Units                        : M

          Model Space Scale            : 1

          Author                       : Bentley

          Organization                 : Bentley Systems Pty Ltd






          Entity Processing Information







          Precision analysis of IGES file:


            Most prevalent number of significant digits:               7

            Highest number of significant digits:                      7

            Average number of significant digits:                5.62785

            Maximum distance to origin:                          3.60278

            Minimum distance to origin:                         0.125477

            Effective number of significant digits:              6.96974






          Entity Summary



          Type Name                                         Count Converted

          ---- ----                                         ----- ---------

          128  Rational B-spline surface                        2         0







          Result Summary


          SolidWorks Feature Type                Count

          -----------------------                -----

          Solid feature(s)                       0

          Surface feature(s)                     0

          Curve/Sketch feature(s)                0


          Start time: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 10:46:36

          Finish time: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 10:46:37

          Processing time: 0 days, 00 hours, 00 mins, 01 secs

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            Paul Salvador

            Hello R. W.,

            Yeah,.. that is or this is very odd..  the rpt shows the (2) rational b-spine surfaces but they are not processed?

            What I did, was open in Rhino3D and export again as IGES... again.. nothing... then, I saved as STEP,.. again,... nothing?

            ...lastly,.. I saved as Parasolid...  shazam!....but hmmm?.... I save/open and nothing... so,.. I save as a parasolid... "invalid data"...  wth?... last,.. I save as IGES...  FINALLY.. we have data!...  anyhow, here is the attached hull,.. image/file..

            ..things that make you go..... hmmmmmmmmm?