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    How to limit a Serial Number to a single folder?

    Mark Brockert

      I have a folder that stores all file templates and the templates are maintained by their own "Template Workflow." I have a data card used for Office documents and PDFs that has a "Template" tab that shows the Template's number, revision, approvals, and effective date. This tab then helps to show what version of a template was used to create the documents. The issue I am having is that the serial number is generating new template numbers when Office docs or PDFs are manually added into the vault. I would like to limit this serial number to a single folder so that only new files in the template folder use the "Template" serial number.




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          Michael Dekoning

          If I understand correctly you can save the card with the TemplateNo Serial Number in the "templates" folder. Change the Default value to read the variable as needed for the card that I assume is stored in the vault root folder.

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              Paul Wyndham

              Yes, as Michael said I would also assume you need two cards. The data cards works in the folder it is saved in and any sub folder in that one. So if you saved the data card that uses the serial number to the templates folder only the files in that folder would use it. The other data card would not reference the serial number.


              Also if you have two data cards in the same folder linked to the same file types whichever one you save last is the one that will be used. So, if you want to try something out you could have a test card. Save it and check out the changes then open and save the production card to switch back.