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How to thicken a imported model of a gear and delete its hub?

Question asked by Jeremy Lambert on Jan 31, 2018
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I have recently moved from Fusion360 to Solidworks and I am struggling with it, however comfortable I am with software in general. Anyway... My problem is around an imported spur gear model that I found online and I opened in Solidworks 2018. It has a hub which I want to get rid of, and I also want to increase the thickness of the gear itself.


1) Delete the hub: Apart from 'extruding a cut' and creating a shape bigger than the hub, I don't know how to do it more efficiently...


2) Thicken the gear: The gear is 4mm and I want it to be 6mm thick... I don't know how without using the 'extrude' function which requires me to sketch out the profile of the gear!!!


In Fusion, there is a feature called 'press pull'. It will extrude or thin down any surface to your liking. So in one click I can thicken or thin down a feature or part without any prior sketches or dimensions inputted in the model.... How can I do it in Solidworks?