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    Threads on wrong part after using Hole Wizard and saving Solid Bodies

    Spencer Davis

      Hi, so I created two parts for an assembly in SolidWorks by starting with a single part, then using a series of cuts to create the geometry I wanted, then inserting the separated bodies into new parts files.


      I want the two parts to be held together by screws. Obviously one part needs thru-holes and the other needs thread. However, because these parts will be used with a fixture, its important to me which part has the threads and which has the holes.


      I used hole wizard to create tapped holes in the base part before exporting to new parts. When I view the solid models, both parts have threads. When I open the drawings, one part has thread and one has thru holes. But the wrong ones. So I went back to the base part, and re-did the feature from the opposite side of the part. I thought this would switch which part had thru holes, and which had threads. It did not.


      How do I force SolidWorks to switch which part gets which feature?


      I am using SolidWorks 2016.


      EDIT: Found a workaround. Solution in comments.


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