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Multi-body Sheet Metal Drawings

Question asked by Tyson Hueppelsheuser on Jan 30, 2018
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Hello all!


I come to you today seeking more wisdom. So recently I've created a sheet metal cabinet that I need to get built and I tried doing things a different way than normal this time around. Normally I make all my sheet metal parts as individual parts and combine them in an assembly and create my drawing from there on. This time around I created  a master sketch and referenced everything off of it so i can simply update the master sketch to change any overall dimensions. I really prefer this method of doing it because it means less part files and less time spend updating models to correct dimensions; however, I cannot seem to figure out how to create the drawings for each body in the cut list so I can send it off to the fab shop and they'll know how to bend it. I need to be able to put each body on a separate page of the drawing and have a flattened view in each page. I've attached my file so you can see if I've done anything wrong.