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Cannot 'KNIT' my two surfaces...............????

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Paul Salvador

G'day guys and gals,


I've been trying desperately to knit two surfaces together and had absolutely no success.


The error dialogue that I am getting is:-

Some faces in the result body are intersecting.

Please increase the knitting tolerance or retry with

"Verification on rebuild" turned off.


I have looked for intersecting areas and failed to notice any . I don't really know either whether there is a tool or function that could point any intersectioning faces out to me? All I want to do is knit the 'Firewall' (Red Arrow) to the main body (grey). For two days I've played around with this now, please help!


BTW, I don't want to turn VOR off........



Part is attached (SW2016 SP3)