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Assembly with referenced parts

Question asked by Kevin Gray on Jan 30, 2018
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Hi all

Hopefully someone can help with this. Up until now i have always worked from one pc and not using networked files. i now work somewhere where there are approx 4 users (no PDM system) their setup is that they have created a library of parts and subassemblies with configurations in folders on the network.

when you make an assembly you obviously bring in each part or subassembly as make the full assembly.

this is fine until i wanted to change one subassembly configuration in my assembly to a different length for example. a co-worked then opened his assembly that has the same subassembly referenced part in it and it had changed his part to my configuration.

what we don't want is multiple copies of parts or subassemblies. what am i doing wrong or should we be using PDM?

many thanks

Kevin gray