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Materials - How to keep color of a bump mapped image as attached image?

Question asked by Ned Jones on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Rob Rodríguez

Hello - I need to have a bump mapped image but keep the color of that image - see reference below (black should be embossed). In other applications you can control the color or intensity of the bump mapped image so it is visible, subtle, or invisible over the embossing.


Is there something similar to this in Solidworks or a method to achieve the same look?


Is there a way to line up decals with surface bump maps to achieve this?


Is there a way to add a second finish image? For example use 2 color/images, brushed_steel & motif with transparent background?


Maybe thinking about this in the wrong way for Solidworks - please let me know any ideas!


Bump Map with Color.jpg

Bump Map with Color 2.jpg