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STL file has attached itself to all my parasolid files

Question asked by Alan Knapper on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Paul Salvador

I received an STL file from a customer a few days ago. It opened fine, but was too complex to turn into into either surfaces or a solid.


That's not my problem.


Since that day, whenever I open a parasolid file - new or old - that STL mesh appears in the resulting model. I've deleted the file and any copies I made of it, so to the best of my knowledge, it no longer is available. However, something in my computer has it, or it wouldn't be importing with my files. It's easily deleted, but this wasn't happening a day or so ago.


I've asked a coworker to open some of my parasolids, and fortunately she didn't get the extraneous mesh.


I haven't tried any other format to see if those suffer the same annoyance, but I'd really like to know what to do.