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DXF/DWG export to Coral Draw and Enroute Issues

Question asked by Rebecca Womerlsey on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Chris Dordoni

We export our 2D drawings as a DXF or DWG to be opened in Coral Draw and Enroute for CNC cutting. We are having an issue with one file in particular which is fully closed and single lined in Solidwords but when exported as DXF/DWG and opened in Coral Draw we get multiple line drawings (up to 20 lines over one particular area) and in Enroute all the shapes move out of place as if the shapes are not joined or a full chain. Blocking or saving as other formats has not worked either. Our 2D drawings are based of 3D models and are a mixture of lines and splines.


We cant find any problems inside the Solidworks drawing making it hard to pin point what to change to get a file that doesn't alter when opening in other programs.  We have created new files from scratch and still having the problem. I have attached DXF file in question and a few screen shots of the results of importing into Coral Draw and Enroute.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.