Christopher Thompson

Pt. cloud (*.xyz) to Excel using ScanTo3D

Discussion created by Christopher Thompson on Feb 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2009 by Todd Engle

I am wondering if a pt. cloud data file (*.xyz) can be saved as an Excel file containing data points? Using the ScanTo3D add-in, I imported a pt. cloud file and created a mesh.

The person I am sending the file to uses Pro/Engineer, and we have not decided if it is better to create the surfaces in SolidWorks before exporting the file, or just create the curves and let him create the surfaces in Pro-E from the exported IGES file (containing the curves).

As he would like to see the points from the pt. cloud (does not have the REX PTC module or add-in), I would like to be able to save the pt. cloud to Excel as data points. Is this possible, and how is it done?