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Weld callout doesn't flip values correct to callout orientaton

Question asked by Dennis Parr on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by Edwin Thein

Has anyone else notice that in Solidworks 2017, is the weld callout leader goes right of the leader connection point the values for weld size and length-pitch on in the correct location...but when you put the callout to the left of the leader connection point they are in the WRONG location in the callout?


Per the standards the weld size (i.e. 1/8” fillet, groove, etc.) is always on the TAIL side of the symbol. Length of the weld and pitch are always on the side between the symbol and the leader/connecting arrow.

The problem I have is if the callout is pulled to the right of the connection arrow. The callout is correct.

The problem... put the callout going to the left of the point of the arrow connection to the view and the weld size and length-pitch are on the wrong side.

To get the weld size and the length and pitch on the correct side you have to put the length and pitch on the side of the symbol the weld size goes and weld size on the side of the symbol that the pitch and length go in the dialog box.



Values in wrong place with callout left of leader connection                     


  Fix in dialog box (which is wrong per standard)

Gives you the correct “looking” callout



This REALLY can cause problems getting which is which straight on a drawing. When I place a weld callout to the right of the leader attachment or the left. The values as shown in the dialog box should “flip” when the callout flips. The image below is a screen snip of the dialog box flipped horizontally in MS Paint.

Except for the text being backwards, then the callout on the drawing is in this orientation instead of the original orientation as illustrated in the dialog, the values should be in the same locations.... again, except for being backwards. We shouldn't have to think "... now if the leader is to the right I the values in the dialog box are correct..... if I put the leader to the left, I have to switch them".


I've turned this into our VAR for a bug fix....