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Sub assemblies or parts in an assembly not modified need to be saved?

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Jan 30, 2018

Using PDM I have noticed the following:

  1. I load a complex assembly
  2. I check out and make a small change to a simple part of the assembly.
  3. I try to same the assembly.
  4. I get a message listing multiple parts not checked out (read only) needing to be saved. None of these part or subassemblies are relayed in any way to what was changed.

What is going on here? The parts that Solidworks is identifying do not have any relations or features that are in context. They seem from my point of view to not have any relationship whatsoever to the simple part I am editing. Why is Solidworks saying I need to save them?


Also related question...

Often my assembly loads and has a bunch of mating errors. I go through a number of rebuilds and the mating errors seem to resolve, sometimes the errors resolve in steps. Sometimes Solidworks reports that a sub assembly has an error. When I review the sub assembly in the feature tree there is no error. If I load the sub assembly alone there is no error. To get the errors to go away in the main assembly I have to open the sub assembly, sometimes I check it out and all sub assembly and parts rebuild the subassembly and save. Only then do the errors in my main assembly go away with a rebuild.

I save the assembly, unload it, reload it only to have all my mate errors return.