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Can you force a viewport to always use a camera?

Question asked by Colt Carson on Jan 30, 2018
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I am having some trouble with multiple viewports reverting back to model view instead of staying in camera view while editing sketches. In my model I have a 3d sketch that defines the position of multiple cameras. I often need to change the sketch to reposition the cameras depending of the subject size. When I do this any viewport that is using a camera reverts back to model view and I have to select the orientation in each viewport after each sketch edit. This looks like a limitation/feature of solidworks, but I thought I would ask to see if there is a workaround before I go write a macro to fix it. Attached is a simple part that displays the same problem. Thank you!


Before edit


camera views before edit.JPG


during edit


camera views during edit.JPG


you can still activate the camera views while in sketch mode though, so it is not impossible. If i rotate the model the iso1 viewport on the top right reverts back to model view.


activated camera views while in sketch.JPG