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    Tree Display -> Show Component Descriptions adds suffixes to part numbers

    Ethan Allison

      When I turn on Show Component Descriptions in the assembly tree display menu, it changes a bunch of my part numbers from [part number]<[instance]> to [part number]-[instance]<instance>. E.g. For a part that normally shows as 1234-01-2<1> it changes to 1234-01-2-1<1>. It only seems to happen with certain parts, note how T-Slot Stud doesn't get changed below.


      How do I keep that from happening? It makes things really confusing.


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          Joe Ourada

          Hello Ethan,


          I also have a new suffix that appears in my design tree when I show component descriptions in the tree display.


          This came up when I updated from 2017 to 2018 about two weeks ago.    I did not attend my local VAR's whats new in 2018 meeting, but read through the whats new in 2018 pdf and did not see this.   It looks to be a part instance indicator that populates when you have more than one of the same part/asm in your design tree as it matches the <X> instance suffix that has been around for a few releases.   That would explain why you do not see it on every part/asm in your design tree.


          Not sure why this comes up when displaying descriptions in the design tree, but can be confusing when using dashes in your part numbering/file naming.


          I would also like to know if these can be removed or toggled off.


          Seems counter productive to have this "-X" suffix added into the new 2018 release when the exact same instance call out comes in with the "<X>" behind the file name in the Design Tree.  



          I hope someone else may provide some more information on what this new suffix is intended for or if this is some kind of bug with 2018.




          Joe Ourada