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    Wire Frame in partial view

    Kennet Bjørn Nielsen

      Is it possible to make Wire Frame in only a partial view of a Drawing view?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          If you mean wire frame for part of a view, and another style, such as "Shaded with Edges", then no.  You'll probably need to use a different method, such as a Detail View to show the wire frame part.


          As I'm typing, it occurs to me that you it may be possible, depending on what you want.  Is it a drawing view of an Assembly or Part?  See the screenshot below of a multi-body Part with the display style overridden for two bodies.  You could set up a Display State with similar settings, and then set your drawing view to reference this Display State and set it to display as Shaded with Edges.  If it's an Assembly you could do the same thing, with the display style overridden for selected Parts instead of bodies.