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Degree 1 bspline curves in SolidWorks 2018

Question asked by Jean-Marc Langlois on Jan 29, 2018

Hi all,


I have implemented a while ago some code that creates bspline curves in SolidWorks 2015 up to 2017 and that has been working correctly ever since. I also had to write code that created polylines, and I ended up creating these polylines as degree 1 bspline curves. That also worked as expected.


Now I am trying to run the same code against SolidWorks 2018 and I can no longer create degree 1 bspline curves, I am systematically getting an exception upon calling "CreateSplinesByEqnParams2", while with the same bspline data/values, this works nicely in SolidWorks 2015.


So 2 questions here:

1) Has anything changed in SolidWork 2018 that would explain this regression ?

2) Is there another way of creating a polyline using the API in SolidWorks. Of course, one can create line instances for each segment of the polyline, but in the end what we end up with a a bunch of individual lines in a sketch, which is not what we want. Also this tends to be much slower than creating a degree 1 curve.


Attached is a C# test project that reproduces the issue if executed against 2018, and that works ok if executed against SW 2015


Any comment will be much appreciated




JM Langlois