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    linking data card variables to solidworks custom properties

    Tucker Shoemaker

      Hey Guys,


           Just need a little help. I just want to link my Description variable in my data card in solid works so i only have to fill out the description once rather than twice or three times.


      Thank you

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          Eric Blankinship



          Hello, just a few questions I want to ask.

          1. What version of SW and E-PDM are you using

          2. Do you have your template setup in PDM (not just the Data card but actual Template)

               a. The template will then be set to use the DataCard which will in-turn have the same property names as your custom properties as the variable names that you use.

          3. Do you have in your workflows setup so that you can check the template files into the vault (i.e. location for .PRTDOT, .ASMDOT, & .DRWDOT)

          4. Do you have your "Tools>System Options>File Locations>Document Templates" setup so that a directory like this is referenced (which contains your template files) C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp\SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM


          Just was looking through the various settings for our own Vault setup (which automatically brings up the datacard when invoking a new file and transfers to the Custom Properties) to see if there was anything you might have different that could be causing your issue.


          If you have questions on how to do any of the above mentioned items let me know.