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Setting non-unique variable to unique

Question asked by Maxim Figlin on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Maxim Figlin

Hi all,


Would like to ask the community for help on the following:

We migrated from an old wgpdm vault to the new and shiny e-pdm, six months ago. After migration, the company decided to make one variable unique (partno).

due to non-uniqueness of this variable we can't make it unique so we used a report generator search for the duplicate variables in the vault, S-033897.


After using this report, I can see that it still generates the already changed values in the partno. So basically the tool doesn't provide with the real and reliable value.

I saw that the code in the S-033897 looks for "Revisionno", but what the report should look for is the latest version, doesn't it?

Is this even possible?


Best Regards,