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New Mobile Workstation ZBook X2

Question asked by Matt Hickl on Jan 28, 2018

I purchased a thinkpad Yoga P40 for a computer to run solidworks and have a touch screen for other uses. Long story short, I have had issues disabling the graphics to allow solidworks to run correctly. I have spent days with different support teams, my VAR, solidworks and Lenovo, trying to figure out. I am ready to cut my loses and am looking at a new computer. I would like easy portability, 13-15 inch touch screen, 8th gen intel, solidworks approved graphics, TB3 ports. I see the new Zbook x2 will be release very soon with 8th gen processors and was thinking this maybe a great set up for mobile use and could set up an EGPU at my desk for split screen solidworks use. Has anyone else looked into this for soliworks use? I don't want to have the same issue. I also looked at the Lenovo 52S, but after the  terrible technical support i received trying to disable my graphics, I don't want to go back down that road.  Any help is appreciated.